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Going inactive for a while until my parents lay off my case. I had a tumblr I once created under a different email, and I’m gonna switch over to that for a few months. Please do not try to contact me via tumblr, send me incessant asks, whatever, until I come back and say the road is safe for me. My email if you wanna get in touch with me is, and from there we can discuss phone numbers, facebook, what the situation is, etc.

The short story, for those who are curious, is that my parents are emotionally abusive and ridiculously controlling. They snoop through my email from time to time, and they found an email from tumblr in my email (idk how because I’m pretty good about deleting this shit). Now they are pissed, and my dad wants to go through my account with me. Which means I need to plausibly create a fake account. Which means resurrecting my old account that I never really killed, for this reason and this reason alone.

Thank you for being understanding and supportive. I will try and come back as soon as I can, but that may not be for another month or two.

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